School assignment

School projects in my digital media program have kept me so busy this semester! I’m having a great time though. My most recent projects are revolving around both video and web documentary. NPR’s Ira Glass makes it all look too easy. Lots of hard work and honesty goes into film making of any kind, something I am painfully learning every day this semester. Subject matter for my documentary started with the birth of the modern baseball card, which is interesting but dry like a Ken Burns film. I do like Ken Burns films, don’t get me wrong, but to many, not interested in the subject matter at hand, they can induce sleep.

I narrowed the scope of the subject matter down to something a little closer to my own heart and tomorrow I will be showing the rough cut for the first time in class. The Intangible Value of Baseball Cards. It’s about the experience children had with going down to the local gas station or liquor store and getting bubble gum cards. It’s about the imagination triggered by cards in the silly looks of players to the anecdotes on the reverse side. It’s about my own experiences both good and bad, from my uncle stealing my mothers vintage 1966 Topps cards to my favorite card, the 1987 Topps McGwire. ¬†Collecting cards was a pure experience untainted by media, and its value rested in the imagination.

So anyway, that’s what I have been up to besides watching box scores when I get a moment of free time.

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That sounds like the makings of a pretty cool documentary, actually. Good luck with your presentation!
— Kristen

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