New season YAY!!

I trailed off last year amid a crisis of trying to find work and making a decision to go back to school…again. School won out, and I’m in my second semester of a digital media program. I have been trying to keep up with baseball like I used to but its next to impossible. I do however plan on regular interesting updates here.  Mostly baseball but mixed with some of what I’m doing at school. In a nutshell I hope to make it interesting for all five of my visitors.

How about this off season though eh? Buh bye pitching staff. Hello new prospects. As an A’s fan I should be used to the motel 6 atmosphere of our players checking in and out, but its tough to see some of those characters like Gio leave. I was happy to see Crisp stick around this season. If nothing else is interesting we can take bets on his hairstyle for the day…..I’ll be back soon

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I didn’t see that you had posted again until just now. Welcome back in whatever capacity you have time for. I have a friend in the digital media master’s program at Cal State San Marcos so it will be interesting to hear a bit about the program nuts and bolts on the east coast. Yeah, Billy Beane this offseason, I just don’t know. A few good moves, a lot of head scratchers. We’ll see how it all turns out.
— Kristen

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