Momentum and history

I cant help but smile when I see Coco Crisp take the field. Not only does he contribute with good offense and defense, but he brings a playfullness to a game turned mostly business. A recent tweet from Coco reads: “4 all that’s behind the curve, “Fro-Co” is my hair unbraided+me. A guy at the game was yelling it, now ppl start callin it the Fro-Co look”  Sorry Coco, its catchy sounding, and looks like it may stick. Perhaps the A’s will put togather a “Fro-Co” day. First 20,000 fans on Coco Crisp hat day get a Fro-Co hat complete with fro! I think that would be worth the airfare cross country for me. *laugh*

The A’s played .500 baseball in most of April. A tip of the cap goes to the pitching staff and deservedly so. Offense seems to be catching up though. Kurt Suzuki, since Wednesday, has 5 RBI and 2 homeruns. Not bad for a new daddy right?  Coco Crisp has done his part in between starts due to a sore quad, and Godzilla smacked a huge shot to right field to win the 4th game in walk off fashion against the Rangers taking the series 3 out of 4. (My poor wife was in my office talking to me about her work day when Matsui hit that homerun. I jumped up and pumped my fist screaming, scaring the daylights out of her.)  Oakland will now go into May with a great start 2 and 0. The Indians come to town tommorrow. I cant wait to see the boys shut Cleveland down. We got MOMENTUM!

 The other day I was thinking about past successfull teams with a similar makeup to that of the A’s and it dawned on me that the 1988 Dodgers might fit the bill. I went to and looked them up.

A small example of offense stats are as follows:

The 2011 Athletics have a batting average of .240 and a on base percentage of .309 in 28 games.

The 1988 Dodgers had a batting average of .248 and a on base percentage of .305 in 162 games.

A few pitching stats:

The 2011 Athletics ERA 2.76  and a WHIP of 1.241 in 28 games.

The 1988 Dodgers ERA 2.96 and a WHIP of 1.205 in 162 games.

I know its a tough comparison as there is an abundant amount of baseball to be played this year, and that Dodger team was more than 20 years ago. Twenty years ago at the begining of a steroid era that would see a explosion of offense that is. If baseball is as clean now as they say, then pitching has regained the lost yardage of yesterday, and if you think of it that way perhaps the comparison is not that far off.



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Nice job against the Rangers! Coco Crisp is definitely one of those ball players I enjoy watching no matter what uniform he’s wearing. He’s talented and he really seems to get what it’s all about.
This is a very simple game…

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