Over 39 left on base and counting

   In the last three days of Oakland Athletics baseball I have seen some pretty damn good pitching performances. One exception being Jeremy Blevins.( Was it just me, or did it look like he just didnt give a rats *** about being called out in relief last night?)

 The offense, to just be simple and honest, stinks. In the last three days more than 39 runners have reached base only to stand there as statues. I can only imagine Billy Beane in the workout room at Oakland just completely flipping out and breaking things. The drawing I was working on at home suffered maiming. This lineup needs to be shaken up badly. Another season like last year is not acceptable. If the A’s had scored just half of those runnners, Oakland would be in first place or tied for it.

   To squander the pitching the A’s have, because offense cant step it up, is a crime. It used to be I would pay more attention to offense during a game. Now, I find myself walking away for a drink or a bathroom break when the A’s are up to bat. Even my dog, who likes watching

Thumbnail image for Elcie under.jpgbaseball with me, got up after the 4th inning last night and went to the other room. A change needs to be made.

    Call up, make a trade, shake up, yell, scream, cross your fingers, rub your belly and pat your head, meditate, do yoga, take batting practice naked, pull fingernails out, water board, group hug, plant a tree, grow out a beard, stop bathing, only eat chicken, drink a redbull, give the opposing pitcher the finger, lean into a few, take one for the team, eat alot of garlic to dizzy up opposing catchers, mandate full body hair removal for those that leave runners on base.

 My point is, the A’s need to explore new avenues to make this offense work. Minor changes in the lineup, or giving Godzilla a night off is not a fix. If the A’s are not going to score many runs but have the capability to limit runs scored, then take a look around the league and get a few bats to optimize the lineup to sustain enough runs scored to win the tight games.




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It’s terrible when your offense can’t support a great starting rotation. I was banging my head against the wall all last season over a similar situation. It’s only April though – as I keep repeating to myself throughout this Red Sox series, I might add – who knows what May might bring. Godzilla does seem to heat up with the weather but it was too little too late for us last season.
This is a very simple game…

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